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Lighting Equipment


We Stock – Avolites, Zero 88, Chamsys, Abstract, Martin, GLP, ClayPaky, Strand, QTX, Pulsar, Eurolite, Manfroto, DTS, Tourmate

Please see below our 2012 Lighting Hire list:

Moving Heads

Martin Mac 250+ Profile

– 250w MSD Lamp, Indexing Gobos

Martin Mac 250 Krypton

– 250w MSD Lamp, Indexing Rotating Gobos, Interchangable Rotating Prism

Martin Mac 550 Profile

– 400w Short Arc Discharge Lamp, 9 Static and 6 Indexing Rotating Gobos, Motorised Zoom and Focus

Martin Mac 600 Wash

– 575w Discharge Lamp, CMY Colour Mixing, Frost and Indexable Beamshape, Mechanical Dimming

Martin Mac 300 Wash

– 250w MSD Lamp, CMY Colour Mixing, Variable Frost and Zoom Effects

Glp YPOC 250 Wash

– 250w MSD Lamp, 11 Dichroic Colour Filter + White, Mechanical Dimmer and Shutter

Par Can, Profile and Fresnel 

Par 64 – Standard Black, 500w, Medium Flood

Par 64 – Standard Black, 500w, Narrow Spot

Par 64 – Standard Black, 1000w, Medium Flood

Source 4 Jr Zoom – Profile Spot, 575w HPL Lamp, 25º to 50º

CCT Silhouette – Profile Spot, 1000w

Strand Fresnel 743 – 1000w Lamp, 15º Spot to 80º Flood


Avolites Pearl 2000 – (2004 software update) 120 Generic Channels, 120 Moving Light Channels

Zero 88 Bullfrog –  96 Generic Channels, 24 Moving Light Fixtures

Zero 88 Fatfrog – 48 Generic Cannels, 12 Moving Light Fixtures

Zero 88 Alcora – 24 Generic Control Channels

Effect Lighting and Machines

Martin Magnum Hazer – 2000m3/Min Haze Output

 Follow Spot

Claypaky Shadow QS – LT – 1200w Discharge Lamp, Colour Wheel With 7 Colours, Fixed Gobo Holder